Documents Needed to File

What You Need To Bring With You…

This is by no means a complete list of items needed to prepare all tax returns, rather a good starting place.  If you have any questions please give us a call, the more information the better.

Social Security Card(s)
Driver’s License(s) or State Issued Identification
Dependents’- Names, Social Security Numbers & Dates of Birth
Last Year’s Federal and State Tax Returns (new Clients only)
Wage Statements – Form W-2
Pension, Retirement Income, IRA/401K Distributions – 1099-R
Interest and Dividend Income – Form 1099-INT/Form 1099-DIV
Sales of Stocks, Mutual Funds – 1099-B / Brokers Statement
State Income Tax Refund Amount -Form 1099-G
Social Security Income – Form SSA-1099
Unemployment Income – Form 1099-G
Commissions Received / Paid Sales of Stocks or Bonds – Form 1099-B
Self-Employed Business/Farm Income & Expenses – Form 1099-MISC
Lottery or Gambling Winnings/Losses – Form W-2G

Record of Purchase and/or Sale of Personal Residence

Income and Expenses From:

Small Businesses  – business miles Organized. Questions??__Call Us!

Rentals  – business miles OrganizedQuestions??__Call Us!
Partnerships / Schedule K-1
S Corporations / Schedule K-1
Trusts / Estates / Schedule K-1
Alimony Paid or Received
Child Care Expenses & Provider Information

Medical Expenses:
Out of pocket paid Medical Insurance Premiums
Doctor, Hospital, Lab Fees
Eye Care Expenses
Dental Expenses

Cash and Noncash Charitable Donations amounts over $250 needs documentation
Mortgage/Home Equity Loan Interest Paid – Form 1098

Mortgage Interest paid to an Individuals
Individuals Name, Address, and Social Security Number
Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes
Moving Expenses
Unreimbursed Employment-Related Expenses
Job-Related Educational Expenses
Educator Expenses
Tuition and Education Fees – Form 1098-T
Student Loan Interest – Form 1098-E
Estimated Taxes Foreign
Casualty/Theft Losses/Insurance Rembursement
State and Local Tax Payments
Other Taxes Paid
Any other income, deductions, questions or concerns that you have

If you’re not sure if we need something… bring it or call.  Better to be safe than sorry.

To save time and tax preparation expense, please summarize (categorize) items above where possible.



1.  Documents OUT of envelopes

2.  Unfolded

3.  Lay flat (order not important)

4.  No staples, paperclips etc.

Thank You