Getting Things Done Fast with QuickBooks Keyboard Tricks

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries to Simplify Record Changes

A Tour Through QuickBooks’ Payroll Setup Tool

More Shortcuts:

Quickly Closing All Open QuickBooks Windows

To close all open QuickBooks Windows quickly, click on Window on the menu bar, and then Close All.

Using the History Button

  • The History button shows you all the transactions related to the one you are currently viewing.
  • For example, view any invoice that you know is paid, then click on the History button.
  • Then you’ll see the payment details on your screen instantly.

Keys that help you save lots of time when working with dates

(Just type the key shown in the date field.)

  • T = today’s date
  • M = First day of the month you are working in
  • H = Last day of the month you are working in
  • Y = First day of the year
  • R = Last day of the year
  • + = Move the date forward by one day
  • – = Move the date backward by one day

Chart of Accounts Shortcut

CTRL+A brings up the Chart of Accounts right away

Closing QuickBooks Shortcut

ALT+F4 closes QuickBooks software

Calculator Shortcut

When working in a register, you can use the = to bring up the calculator when adding or subtracting from an account

Memorized Transaction Shortcut

CTRL+T will bring up your Memorized Transaction list immediately